Adopting A New Family Member
Once you have decided to adopt an animal into your home and family, it is important to determine what type of animal would be the best fit for your lifestyle (Kitten vs. Cat). Browse our Adoptable Cats and Adoptable Dogs sections on this website and you will get a preview of what kinds of animals we have available for adoption.  All of our Adoptable Pets listed on the website are derived from our partnership with Rescuegroups, whose generosity enables our organization to promote our adoptable pets on and countless other sites and find them loving homes!  

​​In addition to choosing the type of animal, you need to determine if you have the sufficient time, resources, energy, and money to properly care and provide for your new pet!  Our team at the Marshmallow Foundation can help you with this whole process!  Our goal is to place pets with the best family available where the needs of the adoptable pet and the family are both being met!  It is our hope that we will make that match easy and rewarding for all parties involved and promote a pet-for-life attitude!
How To Adopt
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Please submit all applications and references to the address, fax, or email listed below:

The Marshmallow Foundation
Non-Profit ​Animal Rescue & Shelter
Attn:  Sue Fiste​, Executive Director
1478 Mallard Street
Detroit Lakes, MN  56501​​​​​​

Fax #: (218) 847-4109​​​​
The adopting party understands and agrees that:​​

​​1.  All animals adopted through the Marshmallow Foundation will be neutered or spayed before they leave or the adopting party must agree to neuter or spay them as part of the adoption contract within a specified time period.

2.  Any animal adopted through the Marshmallow Foundation will not be allowed to roam at large and must be provided suitable shelter, food, and water at all times pursuant to Minnesota State Statute 346.20.​​

3.  All animals adopted through the Marshmallow Foundation will be kept in the house, not in a kennel or as a yard animal, and that the animal will not be kept chained or on a tie-out unsupervised at any time.  ​​

4.  ​​All animals adopted through the Marshmallow Foundation will be started on appropriate vaccinations and deworming medicines before leaving.  The adopting party understands and agrees to follow up with the required and necessary veterinary care as instructed by the Marshmallow Foundation after the adoption has been completed.  

5.  Any animal adopted through the Marshmallow Foundation may NEVER be sold, transferred, abandoned, euthanized, or given away. If at any time you are unable to care for the adopted animal, you are required to bring the animal back to the Marshmallow Foundation. 

6.  The adopting party assumes all responsibility for said animal including but not limited to food bills, shelter, health care and general well-being.​​

7.  The adopting ​​party understands that the Marshmallow Foundation has no prior history on any animal and does not guarantee that any animal is house trained, free from stress or bad habits or "purebred".

8.  Once you have completed and submitted the adoption application along with all references, please allow time for processing.  We will need to contact references and we reserve the right to perform a home visit before and after the adoption.  Once we have completed your application, we will contact you to let you know if you have been approved to adopt from us and what the next steps will be.  ​​ 

9. ​​PLEASE NOTE:  You must submit all of your references, including your veterinarian reference, along with your adoption 
application.  We will not process any applications that are incomplete or missing references.  

10.  The Marshmallow Foundation reserves the right to deny any application at any time.

Click 'Meow' to see our Adoptable Cats!
Click 'Woof' to see our Adoptable Dogs!
The Marshmallow Foundation
Non-Profit Animal Rescue & Shelter
​1478 Mallard Street  
​Detroit Lakes, MN  56501
P: (218) 847-9040
F: (218) 847-4109​
Animal Visitation Hours​
M-F: 10am-3pm
​Sat: 8am-12pm​​
Office Hours​
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Below is important information that you need to be aware of prior to proceeding with an Adoption Application. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!